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Read before ordering and using magnets!

There are some safety tips needed to keep in mind when using or handling permanent magnets with great pulling power: 

| Handle magnets with great pulling power with special attention for avoiding serious injuries;

| Neodymium magnets are brittle. In the case of great pulling power these magnets when pulling together may collide with such a power that they shatter into pieces in a way that the pieces may injure you or by-standers;

| When handling magnets it is recommended to wear safety gear;

| Do not let a hand be in between of magnets or between a magnet and magnetizing material, in any case;

| Do not place magnets close to devices that are sensitive to magnetic field: PC equipment, TV-sets, bank cards, medical equipment etc.

| Do not give magnets to children, they may swallow tiny objects or put them into bodily cavities: nose, ear etc. Magnets with great pulling power may easily incur physical injuries;

Do not burn neodymium magnets as the smoke is toxic.

By ordering magnets or magnet products from our e-shop you confirm that you have read and fully understood the above said.

AMAGNET OÜ is not taking responsibility and shall not be kept responsible for any damages or injuries incurred by wrong or careless handling of magnets.