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Terms of Delivery

When ordering through the magnet.ee e-store, we deliver the goods to you by courier, parcel terminal or by post.

If you don't find a delivery option to the desired address, please do not hesitate to contact us.


General provisions

  1. Generally, we dispatch the goods after the invoice is paid within 48 hours in the case there are no other agreements. Assuming that the order is not made before weekend or holidays.
  2. In the case there is a delay of dispatching the goods we will surely contact you and let know what caused the delay
  3. In the case the goods are dispatched but have not arrived to you within a reasonable period then it would be needed to contact us immediately and we will clarify what caused the delay. If the order has been dispatched by us, the Buyer will be sent a message to this effect. The status of the order can be monitored by Buyer via its own account.
  4. If the product description features a separate delivery time then to this order there will pertain separately agreed upon supply conditions.
  5. Special order delivery terms will be specifically agreed upon with Buyer.
  6. In the case of some reason the goods will be returned to us by courier or postal service, either exceeding storage period* or due to the incorrect address given by Buyer then we will send to the Buyer a message to the effect and the returned order will stay waiting for a solution. All the delivery costs, including transport to Buyer and the returning is due on Buyer.
  7. There returning costs fee does not apply in the case the goods delivered were wrong goods or with defects. See Returning conditions. See Return/Refund Policy.
  8. In the case the goods have been dispatched and Buyer wishes to change the delivery address there will be additional transport charges borne by Buyer.

 * The exact time for the storage of goods see the selected shipping company's website


Free Delivery

We will send the goods to you for FREE! Free delivery starting on 59 euros.
Detailed free delivery possibilities and the way we deliver goods to you can be seen at the point of finishing an order. Whether you will be displayed of free of charge delivery options depends on the delivery address you entered.